The Water Resources Department Formerly Irrigation and Flood Control Department is mainly involved in the implementation of Surface Minor Irrigation Channels, Flood Control and River Training works, Anti-Erosion, Protective Works, and Storm Water Drainage works. Sikkim being largely agrarian with agro-based economy, the Department aims to sustain and assured availability of water on agricultural fields through identification of perennial and portable water sources and construction of sound delivery systems. Further, the Water Resources Department has been taking up various schemes like Flood Control & River Training (FCRT), Storm Water Drainage System, Anti Erosion Work (AEW), Catch Water Drain (CWD) & Jhora Training Work (JTW) for stability and stream lining the flow of surface runs off and drain water to protect the public property and infrastructures by avoiding damages due to landslides and haphazard flow of surface runoff. The Govt. of India has introduced a flagship programme “Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichai Yojana (PMKSY)” under its umbrella there is one of the components i.e. Har Khet Ko Pani (HKKP) for focusing on increasing irrigation potential of cultivable land through the following schemes:

  1. Surface Minor Irrigation
  2. Repair, Renovation and Restoration of Water Bodies Water being a natural resource, its efficient use through proper & advance management techniques, National Hydrology Project wing under the Department has been entrusted to fulfilling the real time data system for the purpose of irrigation
  3. The Monitoring & Evaluation Cell (M&E) of the Department plays a pivotal role in conducting Minor Irrigation Census at an interval of every five years to determine the condition of agricultural land and irrigation infrastructure in the State by accessing the quantum of irrigation potential created and potential utilized Functions
  4. Overall planning Policy formation coordination and guidance in the Water Resources Sector
  5. Technical Guidance, Scrutiny clearance and Monitoring of the irrigation , flood control and multipurpose projects
  6. General infrastructural, technical and research support for development.
  7. Overall planning Policy formation coordination and guidance in the Water Resources Sector

In respect of minor Irrigation and Command area development administration and monitoring of the centrally sponsored Schemes and promotion of participatory irrigation management

  1. Overall planning for the development of ground water resources , establishment of utilizable resources and formulation of policies for exploration, overseeing of and support to state level activities in ground water development
  2. Coordination, mediation and facilitation in regard to the resolution of differences or disputes relating to Inter-State Rivers and in some instances overseeing of implementation of interstate projects.
  3. Operation of the central network for flood forecasting and warning on inter-state rivers, provision of central assistance for some State Schemes in special cases and preparation of flood control master plans for rivers Ganga and Brahmaputra.
  4. Talks and negotiations with neighbouring states, with regard to river waters, water resources development projects