The Annual Report has been prepared as per the available records of Pakyong (T) Division made as under:

  1. Administrative set-up Under Pakyong (T) Division.
  2. Details of Reserve Forest under Pakyong (T) Division.
  3. Details of Nursery under Pakyong (T) Division.
  4. Details of Check post under Pakyong (T) Division.
  5. Revenue Statement of Pakyong (T) Division office with effect from 2022-23.
  6. Annual Report of Trade License and offence revenue of FY 2022-23.
  7. Plantation Undertaken by different Range Offices under Pakyong (T) Division.
  8. Plantation & Seedlings Distribution data of Pakyong (T) Division.
  9. Report of Forest Fire out breaks under Pakyong (T) Division from Dec 2022- March 2023.