The state Excise Department since its inception has been a major source of revenue generation for the State Exchequer. The Revenue realized from Excisable goods and products has seen a quantum leap over the years. The department in addition to revenue generation strives to prevent the use of unsafe liquor and ensure informed consumption of liquor keeping in view the health of the consumers. The Department is also a major contributor in the Revenue generation of the State Government for funding of developmental activities.

The objective of the Department comprises the following:

  1. Regulate manufacture, transport, possession and sale of all excisable articles
  2. Effective enforcement and inspection
  3. Generate optimal Revenue for funding of developmental activities of the State Government
  4. Impart training to officers and staffs for better efficiency

 The Central /State Acts administered by the Department:

  1. The Sikkim Excise Act, 1992 (State Act)
  2. Medicinal and Toilet Preparations Act (Excise Duties) Act, 1955 (Central Act)
  3. The Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, (Central Act)
  4. The prevention of Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1988, (Central Act).


The Excise Department office at Pakyong is located at Buildings and Housing Department Building, Pakyong Bazzar. All works of Pakyong district are taken up in this office establishment. The office is well equipped with computers and internet connectivity. The Excise Department at Pakyong District is headed by a Deputy Commissioner along with two other officers of Deputy Rank.

  1. Mr. Guru Prasad Dulal Deputy Commissioner
  2. Mr. Rakam Singh Rai Deputy Commissioner
  3. Mrs. Prakriti Pradhan Deputy Director
  4. Mr. Mingur Sherpa ASI
  5. Mr. Sonam Ongchuk Bhutia NAIK
  6. Mrs. Bina Rai NAIK
  7. Mr. Issor Sharma NAIK
  8. Mr. Biswa Mani Rai Computer Operator
  9. Mr. Nopu Tshering Bhutia Office Attendant
  10. Mr. Madan Gurung Driver


  1. The main function of Excise Office at Pakyong is to issue Excise License for FLR, FLB & Pachwai through online duly following e-governance initiative of the government.
  2. To conduct regular raiding and checking of illicit sale of liquor in the Pakyong area and to strictly implement all the sections of the Sikkim Excise Act, 1992 and all

relevant Excise rules.

  1. The fines are collected through raids and confiscation and the same is credited to Government revenue under Revenue Head 0039- State Excise -150 Fines &


With the implementation of e-abkari, all Excise licenses including FLR, FLB, Pachwai in Pakyong District were applied, processed and issued through electronic medium. Now, with the implementation of e-abkari, the common vendor would no longer have to visit the Excise office in Pakyong in person and all Excise Department services could be