Animal Husbandry sector is the major source of rural household income for over 70 percent of the rural households (marginal & small farmers) where the medium and large livestock provide a substantial share of the household income, Livestock Production had always been an integral part of the rural livelihood systems in Sikkim. Livestock production in Sikkim takes place in small and tiny holdings scattered all over the habitable areas of the state.
The Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services is engaged in supporting domestic farmers in the field of milk, meat, fish and egg by providing requisite infrastructure in the State. This is ensured through improving the productivity of livestock; protection against the diseases through preventive and curative health care facilities; developing skill of farmers in modern and scientific animal husbandry practices through adequate training programmers and maintenance of demonstration farms.

Schemes being implemented:

  1. National Animal Disease Control Programme for FMD and Brucellosis Control of Foot & Mouth Disease
  2. Mukhyamantri Pashudhan Samridhi Yojana
  3. Mobile Veterinary Clinic Helpline no.1962
  4. Cow and Goat Distribution under CSR
  5. National Livestock Mission
  6. Credit Linkage

Roadmap for 2023-24:

Demand for establishment of Veterinary Dispensaries/sub centers


Though there is a high penetration of Dispensaries/sub-centers in Pakyong district, there is still a demand for Veterinary Dispensaries in Gram Panchayat Units like East Pandam, North Regu, Taza, Bering Tareythang ,Chalamthang Pacheykhani and villages like Changey Shenti and Raigaon. The demand for these centers were passed in  resolution of the respective Gram Sabha .The need has been  verified  and found to be   genuine .The existing centers also need to be well equipped with necessary manpower and facilities.

Demand for distribution of benefits

The Government has been providing a number of benefits to the farmers. During various Gram Sabhas the livestock farmers have submitted their demand for  high yielding milching cows, chaff cutter, goat, piglets, etc. these demands have been passed in the resolution of the gramsabha and have been submitted to the District office of AH&VS Dept.  Hence there is a need to focus on providing these benefits to the farmers through various schemes.

Handing taking of gaushala at Mamring under Amba GPU

The Gaushala at Mamring under Amba GPU is being taken over by the AHVS Dept. from the Rural Development Department this financial year. Once the centre is taken over, it is, thereafter, necessary to equip the centre with necessary manpower and facilities. Necessary funds also need to be provided for upkeep and maintenance of the unit.

Completion of District Veterinary Hospital

The construction of District Veterinary hospital at Pakyong was started in the year 2021. The progress of work is quite slow with only one slab has been casted and work has been stopped by the Contractor due to want of funds for the project. Is it necessary to intervene in this matter and construction taken up at the earliest for the benefits of people at large.

Establishment of disease diagnostic lab at Pakyong

In need to provide better, accurate and effective   delivery of veterinary services to the livestock farmers of Pakyong district, it is required to establish a disease diagnostic lab at Pakyong.