The Buildings and Housing Department, Pakyong Division is entrusted with the construction and maintenance of all government office buildings and quarters under Pakyong District. The department is also responsible for execution of buildings of other departments under the Government of Sikkim. The enforcement of building regulations, approval of building plans and also inspection of buildings are also supervised by the Buildings and Housing Department.


The office runs from the Divisional Office of the Engineering Department of the Buildings and Housing Department. Apart from this, the Guest House which currently is the bungalow of the District Collector is the asset of the Buildings and Housing Department. The department also has the Government Quarters (Cl.II, Cl.III and Cl.IV) situated at the District Administrative Centre complex, in which now houses many other departments as shown below.

Pakyong Sub-Division:

  1. 06 (six) units of the Cl.II Quarter is allotted to Motor Vehicle Department, DESME, Agriculture Department and Horticulture Department.
  2. 06 (six) units of the Cl.III Quarter is allotted to Social Welfare Department and as residence of government employees.
  3. 06(six) units of Cl.IV Quarter is allotted to Cooperation Department and Urban Development Department.
  4. Single Unit near DAC Pakyong is allotted as Chowkidar Quarter.

Rongli Sub-Division:

  1. Two units of Cl.II Quarter – 1 no.
  2. Four units of Cl.III Quarter – 1 no.
  3. Six units of Cl.IV Quarter – 1 no.
  4. Single unit SDM Quarter – 1 no.