Land Revenue and Disaster Management

Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department
Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department is concerned with revenue administration in the sate which encompasses survey and settlement operations, maintenance and up gradation of Land Records and enforcement of Land Laws in the State. The Department also provides immediate relief to the victims of disaster and is responsible for disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness and as a nodal agency it has been implementing various Disaster Management Programs in the State.

The following are the lists of works carried out by the department
Collection of land tax
Maintenance and up gradation of land records
Carrying out cadastral survey once every 15-20 years.
Enactments of laws relating to the transaction on land while preserving the old laws
Creation of land bank scheme
for distribution of land to the sukubmasis
for other purposes of the government
Carry out census operation works
Relief and restoration on the damages caused by natural calamities.
Creation of SDR Force
Workshop on capacity building on disaster management
Civil defence
Land Bank scheme- formation of land bank –
For distribution to Sukumbasis
For other Purpose of the government.
UNDP funded project through GOI –relating to disaster management.