Cooperation Department is an institution-based department mandated to organize and promote Cooperative societies. Its primary function is promotion of Cooperative Movement and acts as a registering body of Cooperative Societies. The Cooperative Society is ruled and governed by :

  1. Sikkim Cooperative Societies Act, 1978(amended upto 2013).
  2. Sikkim Cooperative Societies Rules, 1981 (amended upto 2015).

A Cooperative Society is an autonomous association of person who have voluntarily joined together to achieve and meet their common social, economic and cultural needs.
Besides the Department also regulates any law and litigation arising in cooperative societies due to dispute, conduct audit of Cooperative societies periodically, provides management guidelines and such other functions conducive in the attainment of objectives of the department. Apart from the above, the department also conducts audit of accounts, system, and procedures of all registered cooperatives on annual basis.


The Department at present is functioning from Class IV Government quarters located at  Pachey, Pakyong.