Setting up Selfie Corner as part of SVEEP activity for Young/First-Time Voters in the General Election, 2024

Publish Date : 01/04/2024
Selfie Corner

Setting up Selfie Corner as part of SVEEP activity for Young/First-Time Voters in the General Election, 2024
The General Election of 2024 marks a significant milestone for many citizens, especially the young/first-time voters who are stepping into the democratic process for the first time. Recognizing the importance of engaging and empowering these young voters, on 26th March, 2024, ELC, SGCR in collaboration with Election Cell, Pakyong District, set-up the Selfie Corner for First-Time Voters in our college.
The primary purpose of the Selfie Corner for First-Time Voters is to provide a welcoming and memorable experience for new voters’ participation in first General Election. By creating a dedicated space for them to capture and share this milestone moment, we aim to provide a sense of civic pride, responsibility, and enthusiasm for democratic participation.
The main objective behind this initiative is to celebrate and acknowledge the significance of first-time voters in the electoral process. To create a memorable experience that encourages college students to share their voting journey on social media. To generate an inclusive and engaging environment that encourages young/first-time voters to actively participate in the election.
The Selfie Corner designed with vibrant and eye-catching election-themed decorations, including banners, posters, and props such as cut-outs of political symbols, logo of the General Election, 2024, and relevant information regarding voting rights.
The introduction of a Selfie Corner as part of the SVEEP activities for the upcoming General Election, 2024, represents an innovative approach to voter engagement and awareness. By leveraging technology and social media, we aim to create a vibrant and inclusive electoral environment that inspires citizens to exercise their democratic rights. The success of this initiative will not only be measured by numbers but by the lasting impact it leaves on civic consciousness of our nation. This initiative targeted the college students’ for the active participation in future electoral processes and this activity is daily phenomenon for a week where students take selfie.